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Be Part Of Beth Hart's "No Place Like Home" Fan Video << ALL NEWS 

Hey, everybody-

We all know that we are going through an unprecedented time in the world and millions of us have been asked to stay at home. But you know, we can all make that time at home with the people we love shine through more than ever, and together we can make a difference at this very difficult time. And that is the reason we want everybody to take a picture or little video of yourself either alone or with family and loved ones at home.

Show us what you're doing at home to get by, and what you're thankful for at this very hard time. If you can include something to show what country, state, or city you're in, a flag, a sign, a t-shirt, whatever you think of would be wonderful.

We want to show people from all over the world giving love and support to one another. Slide what you created into our DM's or email them to socialmedia@bethhart.com Be creative, and let's make this new video about love, comfort, strength, unity, and compassion. We will try to use as many of your photos and videos as we can in Beth's new video!!!

Make sure you watch the announcement Beth just made until the end to see a clip of what we did for "Mama This One's For You".

Posted on 28-03-2020 << ALL NEWS 

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