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Call the DeWolff hotline and listen to the brand new album now! << ALL NEWS 

DeWolff are back and returning to your stereo this winter, but this time they strip down and go COMPACT! No drum kit, no Hammond and no guitar amps, as they present to you, the Tascam Tapes. Written, performed and recorded on the road for less than 50 euros, but sounding like a million bucks!  Adjust your ears, as its coming January 10, 2020 via Mascot Records. Today you can listen to the new album by calling the DeWolff Hotline on +31-850-645-702*

In the words of DeWolff:

"When you really think about it, there's only two things in this world nobody can resist: mobile phones & DeWolff. DeWolff's 1970s inspired music and the high tech nature of (mobile) telephony were never really compatible. Until now! DeWolff invites you to step into a future where people can listen to music ON THEIR PHONES! OMG! When? Now! Where? Anywhere! Why? Why not! How? Watch this hilarious video to learn why the CheesePod and the Salami-CD didn't quite make it and why their revolutionary -ahum- new invention "PHUSIC" is the Phuture of Music."

Watch Pablo go full Steve Jobs and preach the gospel of Phusic!

* Number is free of charge in the Netherlands. If you're calling from outside the Netherlands, international charges will apply.

Posted on 03-01-2020 << ALL NEWS 

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