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French progressive metallers GOJIRA are one of the most talked about and happening bands in extreme music today. Their albums "From Mars To Sirius" and "The Way Of All Flesh" are amongst the best released in the genre the past years.

The Way Of All Flesh revolved around the undeniable dilemma of a mortal demise; GOJIRA's soundtrack to the situation was fitting. This release shifted ever so slightly from the eco-friendly orchestra of impending doom on From Mars To Sirius to the band's new message of the equally uncontrollable inevitability of death. "The Way Of All Flesh" melded the open and airy progressive passages GOJIRA has become famous for with the sonically dense sounds and bludgeoningly heavy rhythms that made the band equally intelligent and unmatchably heavy.

Now it's time to put these releases and the stellar live shows to film. The Flesh Alive features 2 concerts with over 2,5 hours of material with an hour documentary filmed by the band and a live CD. Available as 2-DVD+CD and Blu-ray+CD.

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