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Psychedelic rockers DeWolff's new album THRUST is out now! << ALL NEWS 

"A Classic Rock Masterclass" according to Classic Rock magazine, and we couldn't agree more!

is a three-headed rock 'n roll monster from the Netherlands' Deep South. The band was formed in 2007, when they were barely teenagers, by brothers Pablo (singer/guitarist) and Luka van de Poel (drums) and Hammond organist Robin Piso.

Their sixth studio album THRUST (all caps) is out now on Mascot Records. Highly recommended for fans of catchy guitar riffs, dirty-sounding Hammond organs and psychedelic, vintage 70s rock! 

THRUST is released worldwide on CD, vinyl, download and streaming services.
The vinyl includes a downloadcard for a complimentary MP3 download of the album.

Click on the images to order the CD or the limited edition red/black marble vinyl (only 1000 made!) from the MLG store.

Posted on 07-05-2018 << ALL NEWS 

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