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Watch VOLA's live performance at the GAFFA-PRISEN 2020! << ALL NEWS 

It only rarely happens that progressive metal bands make their way into the mainstream music media but it did when VOLA performed their song ’Alien Shivers’ at the major Danish music award show GAFFA-PRISEN in Aarhus, Denmark

VOLA states: 
”We are super happy to have gotten the opportunity to play at GAFFA-PRISEN along with great artists from many

different genres and fields. It is very exciting to see that the metal genre seems to be growing in Denmark and we

find it promising that we, as a band from a niche genre that is often excluded from mainstream music events and

media in Denmark, now get invited to perform at such a big, popular event”.

Posted on 20-03-2020 << ALL NEWS 

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