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Watch the brand new "Prison Of Misery" video by London Metalcore band Counting Days << ALL NEWS 

Counting Days return with the new video for Prison of Misery and the first featuring new member, Curtis Ward (Ex-Bring Me The Horizon).

”It was the first time I had performed with any of the guys.” Curtis explains “but it was a headbang fest and made me psyched to play shows.”

Prison of Misery is taken from debut album Liberated Sounds and the video was shot in an old underground theatre in North London that was turned into a car park but is being restored to its former glory. Talking about the location guitarist Charlie Wilson adds, “I was lucky enough to go to an exclusive Skepta show there about a year ago and knew it would be a great location for the video.” He continues “The lyrics for the song are influenced by the feeling of depression and anxiety, and how you can tear yourself apart from it” which adds further weight to the formidable track.

Posted on 30-05-2016 << ALL NEWS 

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