Ignition! (Vinyl) - Brian Setzer / The Brian Setzer Orchestra

Ignition! (Vinyl) 


RELEASE DATE 24 July 2020
LP (Yellow) €22,99
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Finally available on vinyl again - Out on July 24, 2020

Ignition! was originally released by Brian Setzer in 2001. Following fronting a swing orchestra in the 1990s, Ignition! marks Setzer's return to purist rockabilly with a trio, the Brian Setzer '68 Comeback Special, in homage to 1968 Elvis Presley TV Special.

Re-release on limited edition yellow vinyl.

A1. Ignition
A2. 5 Years, 4 Months, 3 Days
A3. Hell Bent
A4. Hot Rod Girl
A5. 8-Track
A6. '59
A7. Rooster Rock
B1. Santa Rosa Rita
B2. (The Legend Of) Johnny Kool (Part 2)
B3. Get 'Em On The Ropes
B4. Who Would Love This Car But Me?
B5. Blue Cafe
B6. Dreamsville
B7. Malaguena

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