Live Poznan (CD) - Crippled Black Phoenix

Live Poznan (CD) 


RELEASE DATE 16 August 2013
2CD €9,99

Crippled Black Phoenix started in 2004 when Justin Greaves (formerly the drummer of Iron Monkey, Electric Wizard, Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine, The Varukers, etc.) picked up a borrowed guitar and began to make simple demos. 8 years, 5 critically acclaimed albums and quite a few line-up changes later Crippled Black Phoenix is a force to reckoned with. 
Cool Green Recordings will be releasing the now infamous Live Poznan album on 2-CD. Released in August 2013, Live Poznan catches a large dose of rock, the volumes have been turned up and self-awareness is ever-present. And there’s the usual dose of misery-vs-hope, a well-known Crippled Black Phoenix trademark.

CD 1
1. Intro / Troublemaker
2. Fantastic Justice 
3. Of A Lifetime
4. Song For The Loved
5. The Brain / Poznan
6. Goodnight, Europe
7. The Heart Of Every Country
CD 2
1. Release The Clowns
2. 444
3. We Forgotten Who We Are
4. Rise Up And Fight
5. Bella Ciao
6. Born For Nothing / Paranoid Arm Of Narcoleptic Empire

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