Life ...And All It Entails (CD) - Enochian Theory

Life ...And All It Entails (CD) 


RELEASE DATE 12 March 2012
CD €9,99

Enochian Theory had been working on their 3rd release since they returned from touring in late 2010, and the composing was completed and ready for production in August 2011. The band entered Aubitt Studios in Southampton UK to record the new album with Producer Rob Aubrey who they had met and worked with the previous year on the Spock’s Beard Tour. Rob’s previous history with artists such as IQ, Tony Levin and Transatlantic only helped with the decision for the band to work with him on this important record. Enochian Theory together with Rob Aubrey recorded, mixed and produced the album together. 

Since the connection and amazing creation artist Robin Portnoff did on the bands previous album Enochian Theory had always considered Robin as a very important part of the band and it was only right he completed the artwork for the new album, taking the “World” they had created to the next level and exploring it further. 
The Fire Around The Lotus, taken from the bands previous album has slowly been turning into a special visual animated short film since the end of 2010. Enochian Theory put together an incredible team consisting of Matt Howard, Adam Wozinak, Jack Fairclough with Robin Portnoff providing the art direction. The team worked every spare minute they had over 12 months bringing this amazing visual project to life.


0. Zero Is Also A Number
1. This Aching Isolation
2. Hz
3. Non Sum Qualis Eram
4. Distances
5. Inversions
6. Creatio Ex Nihilio
7. In Times Of Silence
8. For Your Glory, Great Deceiver
9. Nisi Credideritis, Non Intelligetis
10. The Motives Of The Machine
11. Singularities
12. Loves
Bonus Content
13. The Fire Around The Lotus - (Remastered)
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