Tour De Force - Shepherd's Bush (DVD) - Joe Bonamassa

Tour De Force - Shepherd's Bush (DVD) 


RELEASE DATE 28 October 2013
DVD €12,99

At his heart Joe Bonamassa is a blues player and it was for this evening at Shepherd’s Bush Empire that he elected to put on a display highlighting his true love of the genre. Backed by a full horn section, Bonamassa rolled through blues-tinged stalwarts from his vast collection.

The booklet in the DVD and Blu-ray will have unique backstage photos and 3-D photos (3-D glasses are included).


1. Slow Train
2. So It's Like That
3. Midnight Blues
4. Last Kiss
5. So Many Roads
6. You Better Watch Yourself
7. Chains & Things
8. Lonesome Road Blues
9. Stop!
10. I Got All You Need
11. The Great Flood
12. The Ballad Of John Henry
13. Asking Around For You
14. Further On Up The Road

Running time: 104 minutes

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