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Sometimes you have to start from the present and work backwards to get a story in context, on 27th April 2015 Stoneghost will release the relentless and blistering 'New Age of Old Ways' on the Mascot Label Group (home to Black Label Society, Volbeat), but the band very nearly never made it to this point.

Broad shouldered and casting a dominant figure with his shaved head and beard, front man, tattoo artist and mouth piece Jason Smith recalls the crossroad moment "I nearly left the band" he declares. "I was having a kid and I couldn't cope with it, I didn't think I would be able to carry on with the band too, I wasn't in a good place. But we all got together, we'd be going for a while and decided, fuck it we'll give it one more shot, we changed the band name, started a fresh chapter and gave it a last crack."

It was at this moment that they decided to depart with a powerful epitaph of what they were capable of, every strained emotion, the fury and anger that rose from the pit of each stomach was pushed to the limit to create a beast of significance, to collectively exit the world with a 'New Age of Old Ways'. The last record of a promising but fledgling act, it was then that the reverberating noise reached the ears of Mascot and things were to change.
Jason continues; "we wrote [the song] The Sound Remains because in our minds that's what we wanted, that's why we wrote that, so even if we did split, the music and sound will always remain, we had no idea this would get the attention of anyone".

Formed in Bromley, South East London in 2007 amongst a thriving underground scene, Jason Smith (vocals) began the journey with Cris Finniss (Drums), Jamie Nash (Bass) and Andrew Matthews (Guitar) as Snakebite. The quartet quickly became a dominant fixture on the London circuit with their blend of hardcore, metal and adrenaline fuelled rock.

In 2009 they opened Bloodstock Festival and performed to 1500 people, storming the stage they began to get the reputation as one of the bright hopes of UK Metal. Winning the Metal 2 the Masses competition became the springboard they needed.
The journey to Bloodstock was an education for the band, "we were reluctant to do it at first, we didn't like Battle of the Band competitions" remarks Jason as Andrew goes on to elaborate; "they get local promoters in the regions to buy into it as a franchise and each region has its grand final, the promoter in our region, kept asking us to join in and get involved".
Jason; "we won the first one then got get carried away and we got sucked in. When we won that it was like, right we've got to win them all now"
This led to them playing the Ronnie James Dio Stage at Bloodstock the following year alongside Opeth, Fear Factory, Children of Bodom, Gojira and the Devin Townsend Project. A trip to Germany to perform at the Wacken Open Air festival came next. Arming themselves with some new material, they recorded their first album 'Created from Nothing' in 2011, were picked up by Metal Hammer and put on their cover-mount CD and gigged relentlessly which led to a performance at Metal Hammer's Hammerfest IV in 2012.

It was at this point in 2013 when Jason was at his dilemma. At a low point he was regularly seeing a therapist the prospect of being a father occupying his thoughts and with it coming all the insecurities and worry about standing up to the job measured against the growing reputation of Snakebite.

"This was when I wrote 'Faceless Ghost'" Jason continues. "It's about my daughter, she was on the way, I was feeling apprehensive and scared about the responsibility and seeing a therapist at the time, I was having some really low points, but because I had a daughter on the way it gave me the reason to sort myself out. To get myself together and writing that and singing helped me deal with everything".

I've never felt this low, it's true
Oh child help me see this through
Don't let me fall to pieces
Faceless Ghost

When recording 'New Age of Old Ways' they recruited the help of Russ Russell who has previously worked with Napalm Death, Evile, Dimmu Borgir, Sikth and New Model Army amongst others to harness the new direction they wanted to go as Stoneghost.

All the songs on the album have a story or a deep meaning to the band – Stoneghost don't do metal clichés, if they are angry at something, they are specific to that issue, they don't work in vagueness and if they are not going for a direct punch in the face they want to tell a story. "With my job as a tattoo artist I need to use my imagination and I want to transfer that over to the music" Jason expands.

‘New Age of Old Ways' is the new beginning for Stoneghost and it's just the start, they going to bring the noise and bring it loudly.

Stoneghost are: Jason Smith (Vocals), Cris Finniss (Drums), Jamie Nash (Bass) and Andrew Matthews (Guitar).

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