High Water II (Ltd. Marble Vinyl) - The Magpie Salute

High Water II (Ltd. Marble Vinyl) 


RELEASE DATE 18 October 2019
2LP (Ltd. Marble) €24,99

The Magpie Salute release follow-up studio album 'High Water II'
Out October 18, 2019 on Provogue
Limited Edition of 500 copies on clear/brown/gold marble vinyl - Only available from MLG!

When 'High Water I' was released in August 2018 it was the sound of old friends coming together in a union of rock 'n' roll, psychedelic blues, rasping Americana and late-night storytelling. The band was pulled together by guitarist Rich Robinson, it continued a storyline he began in the Black Crowes with guitarist Marc Ford and bassist Sven Pipien. Meanwhile, vocalist John Hogg shared Hookah Brown with Robinson as keyboardist Matt Slocum and drummer Joe Magistro both joined him for solo records and tours over the years.

'High Water II' picks up where the band's studio debut left off, much of the album was written during those early recordings at Dark Horse Studios in Nashville, which is why the album feels like a perfect continuation of its predecessor.

The country-tinged 'Lost Boy' features vocals and fiddle by bluegrass superstar and 27-time Grammy Award winner Alison Krauss.

A1. Sooner Or Later
A2. Gimme Something
A3. Leave It All Behind
B1. In Here
B2. You And I
B3. Mother Storm
C1. A Mirror
C2. Lost Boy
C3. Turn It Around
D1. Life Is A Landslide
D2. Doesn’t Really Matter
D3. Where Is This Place

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