Moonkings (Vinyl) - Vandenberg's MoonKings

Moonkings (Vinyl) 


RELEASE DATE 24 February 2014
LP €19,99

Adrian Vandenberg is back with a brand new band, Vandenberg's MoonKings

It’s Adrian Vandenberg’s first new album in 16 years. Word is spreading fast about the album’s sensational mix of blistering rock songs and powerful ballads.

Adrian Vandenberg is very happy with his return to the international music scene. "The last record I made was with Whitesnake in 1998. Now that I've announced my return, I am really overwhelmed by the thousands of enthusiastic reactions that I've gotten from all over the world. It amazes me how faithful the fans have remained. It's just bizarre," he says.

In producing the MoonKings album, Adrian Vandenberg's main motivation was to make the music he really loves, without taking record company demands and commercial considerations into account. "I've let my intuition guide me," he says. "You have to ignore what others think will sell or whatever. You have to make music from the heart, rock & roll that you yourself think is absolutely great. Then and only then there'll always be other people who might love it as well."

A1. Lust and Lies
A2. Close To You
A3. Good Thing
A4. Breathing
A5. Steal Away
A6. Line Of Fire
A7. Out Of Reach
B1. Feel It
B2. Leave This Town
B3. One Step Behind
B4. Leeches
B5. Nothing Touches
B6. Sailing Ships
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