Ashes & Dust (Vinyl) - Warren Haynes

Ashes & Dust (Vinyl) 


RELEASE DATE 24 July 2015
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Ashes & Dust, only the third album that Warren Haynes has ever released under his own name, is one of his most gorgeous, musically rich and personal albums to date, shining an entirely new light on Haynes’ enduring creative spirit. 
Immediately and clearly different from his usual style, the album encompasses beautiful acoustic arrangements, a rootsy/Americana soundscape, folk-based songwriting and soulful, honeyed vocals. It also showcases new dimensions of Haynes as a guitarist, seeing him dive deeper into acoustic guitar and playing more slide guitar than he has played in a long time.

Despite all of the ground that Haynes has covered on his musical journey, he makes it known on Ashes & Dust that he still has many more miles to explore.

A1. Is It Me Or You
A2. Coal Tattoo
A3. Blue Maiden's Tale
B1. Company Man
B2. New Year's Eve
B3. Beat Down The Dust
B4. Glory Road
C1. Gold Dust Woman featuring Grace Potter
C2. Stranded In Self-Pity
C3. Wanderlust
D1. Spots Of Time
D2. Hallelujah Boulevard
D3. Word On The Wind

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