Black Stone Cherry release fan video of Smile, World

BLACK STONE CHERRY reveal yet another taster taken from their eighth studio album, ‘Screamin’ At The Sky.’  The latest track, ‘Smile, World’ reminds everyone to raise the vibration and find the positive in their day.

The band tell us: “Smile, World is a song where its title says it all!  It’s something we think, in today’s climate especially, the world needs to do more of.  We ALL get overwhelmed, sad, mad, frustrated, etc… But sometimes the best thing to do is sit back, put things in perspective, and simply Smile, World!” 

The band posed a question to their loyal Cherryheads, ‘What lights up your face?’, asking them to capture and submit a clip for the chance to be included in a montage for the song’s accompanying video.  Check out the final summation of all their smiles here ⬇️