Brand New Brian Setzer track


BRIAN SETZER has released “Black Leather Jacket,” another new track from his forthcoming THE DEVIL ALWAYS COLLECTS album out September 15 via Surfdog Records digitally, on CD and vinyl. The single follows “Girl On The Billboard,” which Guitar World (7/28/23) praised as “pure roadside bar sleaze in the best way—with strutting Chuck Berry-by-way-of-the-gutter riffs, and even a Route 66 namecheck. You’ll want to put the pedal to the metal with this coming through your speakers.”

The iconic 3-time Grammy award-winner discusses his self-written “Black Leather Jacket,” saying, “‘Black Leather Jacket’ is the story of my black leather jacket I bought when I was 18. It followed the guy through his whole life. He wore a black leather jacket when he met his girl and then got into a crash. Til the very end he had a black leather jacket. I like the idea of it. Black leather jackets are very personal things. They’re something you keep. You don’t get rid of those. So one of the first ones I bought was probably down at St. Mark's Place [in NYC]…But I still have one from England from the 80’s. Surprisingly it’s a little small,” he adds jokingly. “It must have shrunk. But I still take it out for a ride.”