Gov't Mule - Stoned Side of the Mule on CD & Digitally


Southern rock icons Gov't Mule has released their incredible live set of Rolling Stones songs, Stoned Side of the Mule on CD and digitally for the first time as well as on transparent blue and transparent red 2LP vinyl.

The album captures an iconic night at The Tower Theater in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, on 31 October 2009. It followed the tradition of the bands special Halloween night performances. This was the third in the series of shows, paying homage to Messrs Jagger, Richards, Watts, Wyman, Wood and Jones of with a set of over two hours of solely The Rolling Stones covers. Previously, they had played Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd celebrations.

The album was initially released by Provogue in 2014 on a limited vinyl LP to celebrate the bands 20th anniversary and quickly sold out. But it has now been repressed and available in multiple formats.

On the album, they lovingly and gloriously travel through the Stones catalogue. The quartet's deep chemistry and steely confidence allow them to tackle any form of music and stamp it their own while remaining true to the spirit and intent of the original. This can be heard any time guitarist-singer Warren Haynes, drummer Matt Abts, bassist Jorgen Carlsson and multi-instrumentalist Danny Louis take the stage, but a series of live archival releases really drives the point home.

The show featured a long and varied set of impassioned, expertly executed covers as only the Mule can deliver, with special guests Jackie Greene (Phil Lesh & Friends, Black Crowes, Trigger Hippy) and saxophonist Steve Elson (Stevie Ray Vaughan, Radiohead, David Bowie).


Dark Side Of The Mule is also available on vinyl again, this time on Glow-In-The-Dark vinyl.

The album captures their 90-minute set of Pink Floyd covers recorded during the band’s 2008 Halloween show at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston, MA. During the performance they put their own stamp on Floyd’s expansive repertoire including “Breathe (In The Air)”, “Money”, “Time”, “Comfortably Numb,” “Fearless” and “Wish You Were Here”.

This was the second out of three special cover sets they did in their late-00s Halloween tradition. Previously, they had played a Led Zeppelin celebration in 2007 and the aforementioned Rolling Stones spectacular that came in 2009.