New signing: Oxymorrons!

NYC Alt-Hip Hop Quartet OXYMORRONS Sign To Mascot Records / Mascot Label Group
And Drop Roof-Raising New Video for "Enemy"
Catch OXYMORRONS on tour with Bad Omens through February-March in EU/UK

New York City's alt-hip hop renegades OXYMORRONS continue their ascendency with the announcement of their signing to Mascot Records. They have also dropped their brand-new video for the monster anthem-in-waiting "Enemy." 

They will also be joining Bad Omens for their sold-out European and UK tour in February and March. 

The world moves fast, and our voices have never been so important. To rise up and be heard above the cacophony of noise requires a voice so loud it can move mountains and minds. That voice is loudest when it's spoken by many, at the same time. 

Oxymorrons stand for freedom. The freedom of living in your choice and the appreciation for self. They want to represent the silenced voices and the social outcast. "We want people to know it's ok to Love and be apologetically yourself!" is the flag they are flying, and when you can love yourself, you can love others.

True children of their city, the cultural melting pot of New York runs through their veins and bleeds into a unique cocktail. After years of being told they were too rock for hip-hop or too hip-hop for rock, they committed to creating music that defies arbitrary rules of classification. The hook-laden "Enemy" drips equal parts punk rock, throbbing electronica and swaggering hip hop, all playing out through the eyes of a metaller in the belly of a mosh-pit.

The electrifying video for "Enemy" drops like a box of lit fireworks in a darkened room. Shot and directed by IamEyephotos it contrasts the sonic mood of the song by showcasing the band's fun, light-hearted side. Crushing riffs and poignant lyricism collides with tapping into their inner child; water gun fights sit alongside live footage, 90s tinged nostalgia and the introduction of Ramel "Mel", the Melanin Punk Rocker. "We strongly believe in the duality of life and not always having to present so seriously," they say.

In February, they'll be coming to Europe and the UK for their first tour, supporting Bad Omens for a sold-out run of 28 shows from 3rd February to 6th March. They say about the tour, "We're ecstatic to finally be coming to EU/UK! And with the bros in Bad Omens. We're super grateful to them for inviting us. This will be our first time on that side of the world, and we cannot wait to meet all of our fans across the pond. We’re hyped to bring our Melanin Punk to our fans overseas."

Witnessing their euphoric live energy is something special. "Playing live means the absolute world to us. It's where we connect to our higher selves and display our greatest passions. It's the place where we get to exchange our energy and purpose with the people in the audience. It truly is our church, our mecca, our place of higher consciousness. We bring everything we've got to every show and ensure everyone in attendance feels like they are becoming a part of our family/community and our movement."