P.O.D. and Mascot Records have released a new music video for the band's song "Circles". Fans who sign up for the band’s mailing list will receive a gratis download of the new music video. The song is the title track from P.O.D’s most recent studio album, Circles, their first since 2015’s The Awakening, and debut for Mascot Records. Watch the video below, or to access the gratis video download, simply visit the band’s site and sign up for the mailing list PAYABLEONDEATH.

Singer Sonny Sandoval shares, "In a time of confusion and uncertainty, anxiousness and fear, again music has been a saving grace in my life. While so many of us are navigating the unknowns of today, music stays consistent and is the soundtrack of hope and promise for tomorrow. For us, the music and touring business may be temporarily shut down, but as a band we have always written our songs with purpose and the intentions of lasting forever. We wrote ‘Circles’ to encourage and inspire for such a time as now. A great record or a great song are essential to our lives and a comfort and healing to our souls as we wait for the world to change for the better. We are releasing this video and song in hopes that it will be the encouragement you need at this moment and time. We are all in this together and are looking forward to the time when we can all be together and sing these songs that mean so much to us.”

Circles, is available everywhere on CD, LP, and digitally. CLICK HERE to stream or download songs, or purchase, the album now!