Dragged Under - Biography


Seattle metal core band Dragged Under and Mascot Records / Mascot Label Group present “Brainwash Broadcast feat. Spencer Chamberlain.”  The band shares, “Brainwash Broadcast isn’t a hyper nuanced allegory, it’s a journal entry on the media sensationalism that we endure everyday. You can hear the same story from 2 different outlets with competing ideologies, and think two completely different things. It can be hard to decipher satire from real life news some days because of how inundated we are with subjective opinion pieces and click bait headlines.  We have a problem with division and fear, and our media and ‘journalists’ are at the center of it.”

 On August 6, the band released WE’LL DO IT LIVE via Mascot Records / Mascot Label Group. Timed to that title, Dragged Under presented “Hypochondria,” 

Prior, Mascot Records released a deluxe version of the band’s debut album titled The World Is In Your Way, with two bonus tracks added titled “Just Like Me” and “Feel It.'” Tony Cappocchi [vocals], Ryan Bruce [guitar], Sean Rosario [guitar], Hans Hessburg [bass], and Kalen Anderson [drums] strike an elusive balance between thrashed-up punk, pit-splitting hardcore, technical metal, and hooky alternative. To date, the album has over 12 million collective streams, while the band was applauded by Alternative Press as one of 20 debut albums that took Metalcore to the next level in 2020. The periodical wrote, “the full-length debut by Dragged Under sounds like a dream playlist made by a 2000s scene kid. There’s some melodic, deathcore, pop punk, some post-hardcore and then some nu metal and Foo Fighters to listen to when no one’s around.”

Talking about coming to Europe, frontman Tony Cappocchi says; “For many of us, travelling to Europe was always on our bucket list, but we weren’t sure we’d ever get to actually do it, so to be able to have our music take us to the other side of the world to play festivals we’ve only ever dreamt of attending is humbling.”

On the upcoming dates with Beartooth, Tony adds, “It goes without saying we’re elated to be touring with bands like Beartooth and Wage War. These are a couple of bands that are white hot, and exceptional songwriters.  It’s an honor to open the tour.  As for the live EP, we wanted to give the fans a taste of what they could expect to see from us once live shows are back. We only got to play a handful of concerts to support that last record so it’s a way to give the audience a fresh perspective on an older release that we think didn’t get its proper time in the sun.”