I_Con (White)

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Artist: De Staat
Format: Vinyl
Cat.nr.: CGR742113
Barcode: 8712725745594
Release Date: 2023-05-12

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“We’re all icons as well as con artists. We’ve all created some profile somewhere that shows only part of our reality; only that part of ourselves that works best for us.” (Torre Florim)

The 2013 album of Dutch rock band De Staat features an array of contemporary icons and con artists: charlatans, bouncers, junks, talent scouts, cheapskates and devils. Colourful extras, caught in a mix of African rhythms, happy hardcore, sci-fi-like synths, trap-influences and weird sounds. It is De Staat as we know them, yet somehow different, with surprising new elements added to their authentic sound. Whereas predecessor Machinery was a proper guitar-orientated album, I_CON contains stylish synthesizers, reminiscent of science fiction-films from the 80’s.

1. My Bad
2. All is Dull
3. Build That, Buy That
4. Devil's Blood
5. Witch Doctor
6. Get It Together
7. Refugee
8. Make Way For The Passenger
9. Input Source Select
10. I'll Take You
11. Down Town
12. Wonderer
13. The Inevitable End