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Artist: Torque
Format: CD M75742
Barcode: 819873018001
Release Date: 2019-01-18
TORQUE (feat. Phil Demmel, ex-Machine Head/Vio-lence) - Out on Jan.18, 2019

Re-release with 4 bonus tracks!

On 18th January 2019, Mascot Records will be reissuing Torque’s 1996 stand-alone self-titled album which features former Machine Head/Vio-lence guitarist Phil Demmel. The album includes 4 bonus tracks and as well as CD, will be released on vinyl and digitally for the first time.

It was 1994 when one of the San Francisco Bay Area thrash scenes leading lights Vio-lence called it a day following the departure of vocalist Sean Killian who retired and Rob Flynn who went on to form Machine Head.

From that band, the remaining members formed the riff heavy, groove infused thrashers Torque. Fronting the band, guitarist Phil Demmel also took on lead vocals for the first time and along with guitarist Ray Vegas, bassist Deen Dell and with drummer Mark Hernandez joining they created a formidably crushing four-way vocal assault with a tank like heaviness that was to burn brightly, but briefly.

Releasing three demos between 1994 and 1997, the self-titled album released on Mascot Records in 1996 and stands alone as the sole studio release from the band that came and went in the blink of an eye but hit you like a brass-knuckle sandwich.

Highly recommended for fans of thrash metal, Machine Head and Pantera!

1. H.L.S.
2. Again
3. Nothing
4. Shooter
5. Dead You Lay
6. Choking
7. Forgotten
8. Pulled
9. Will Of Stone
10. Breed
11. Hand Over Fist
12. Circling (Bonus Track)
13. Erased (Bonus Track)
14. Sever (Bonus Track)
15. Isolation / Anger Mine (Bonus Track)